I Visited Twitter Spaces for 30 Days In A Row — Here’s How It Went

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I’m a strong believer in the ability to self learn (waves hand at blog), educate, and apply the knowledge.

I believe that’s how someone should get a position.

However, many don’t. We live in a world where you have to be in as many faces as possible for the greatest chance at survival. So why not bite the bullet and improve?

Especially when you don’t technically have to be in someone’s face.

I Tried to Say Something in Each Room, without Talking Anyone’s Ear Off…👂🏼

People really have a lot to say in Spaces. I try to be impactful and succinct over wordy, unless needed. The challenge came from entering a room too late; What if I repeat something?

If I have, no one pointed it out besides maybe a “Oh yeah, X person had brought that up, that’s a good point.”. Other times, the rooms were not accepting new speakers, and the pressure was off. Phew!

…Except When I Hosted My Own 📣

I was the only person talking 🤓 Who was going to check me? It was a good way to get acclimated with the tools and show a my personality, as I had it recorded. Check it out here, fellow film buffs.

Everyone’s a Human 👩🧔🏻👨🏽🎨💇🏻

There might be people you recognize with clout, or status — Whatever you call them, you may not know them personally, but you know them, you know?

If these people invite you to speak, take it! They want to hear other viewpoints, otherwise they’d make a podcast or recording.

They know their good reputation hinges on being friendly and open. They’re not going to risk it — and it’s also the right thing to do!

People are candid-ish 😐

Not too candid — While most people aren’t using their real names, enough are. The fear of the repercussions of truth still hang over career spaces like a dark cloud.

A Lot of People Have Beautiful Speaking Voices 🗣

Hearing some of these people speak was a real surprise. If this recruiting and tech thing doesn’t work for them, they could narrate some audiobooks.

There Are Social Rules For Them 📝

You’re encouraged to check out the profiles of those speaking, but you are certainly not encouraged to jump in and start self-advertising if the Space doesn’t call for it. People will be confused, and it can derail the conversation. Read (or listen) to the room for a few minutes before speaking.

You get recognized! 😲

I visited Spaces made by people I recognize regularly, and not many of the random ones on the general Spaces page, so being recognized was really surprising. Speaking of the Spaces page…

The Spaces Page is A Cluster of Emoji, Hashtags, & CAPS #️⃣

The setup is fine; It’s what people do to catch the eye, grab attention, so you click. I’m sure some were for nefarious purposes, but I never clicked in them; The titles were so coded and coy that I didn’t know what it would be.

They Weren’t All About That Hustle 🦾

From Open Mics to Basketball, it wasn’t the same things I can read on professional sites, but things that were interesting and varied. It was difficult to find non-business-y ones, and I feel that’s because of how my account is set up — Professional, in tech and science, so that’s the Spaces that were shown for me.


I’ll hang out in Spaces as they become more prominent. I’ve made new friends, gotten wider recognition, and had the opportunity to help others. I hope everyone can branch out beyond the career niches, and I can help as well.

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Hire me for a Jr. DevOps role @ http://runtcpip.com

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Morgan Lucas

Morgan Lucas

Hire me for a Jr. DevOps role @ http://runtcpip.com

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