Got into tech by writing about tech @ | A LOT of different tech.

Tech has a boner for passion that’s killing passion.

I sold stuff on the weekends not so long ago.

It was a 3-person operation. The manager would work Monday through Friday. I worked 8-hour days on the weekends.

They were a small business. This was their livelihood.

And they still…

We don’t need another recipe app — Unless you cook some really wild shit.

Futuristic Woman looking at corn.
Like this.

Despite the old adage “People want to work with those they know, like, and trust.”, a personality in the workforce will leave you hungry and unemployed — But you don’t have to be horrendously boring as you play the interview game.

You want to make that To-Do List? Knock yourself…

What does it take for people to enjoy their online, digital experience without getting scammed?

Rachel Claire on Pexels

Hosted by Wizer’s Chris Roberts, featuring Joanna Udo, Gabriel Friedlander, Ryan Cloutier, & Christopher Sant.*

Security is daunting; I think so, and I work here.

How do we get influencers to care, chefs, marketing professionals, anyone who isn’t us? How can we make cybersecurity accessible and not daunting when it affects everybody?

Let’s hit on the big points (the giant…

Morgan Lucas

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