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It is my dream to have a ‘working relationship’ with companies and tell them “This is great, I especially like x,y, and z.” or “Err on the side of caution when doing this — It could be misinterpreted.”

So when a certain company said “Do that, for us, for a few days.” I said “Happy to help.”

“And we’ll pay you!”

“Even happier to help!”

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I will not give specifics on information gathered and shared beyond “habits”, as I signed an NDA. However, the project-leader did give me permission to refer to them as ‘major streaming service’.

But that does…

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Many people on Tech Twitter imagine an imaginary wheel. It hosts the same 6 or 7 topics. Every so often, the imaginary wheel is spun, and someone brings up one of the discussion points — Often in a tactless manner.

Today’s was “Why are there so few women in tech?”¹ Many men come from all over the world to give opinions, from “They just don’t want to fail” to more infuriating excuses.

I’m a woman. I work in tech. I’m not paid for it consistently, and when I am, it isn’t enough to live off of. I looked for 4…

Tech has a boner for passion that’s killing passion.

I sold stuff on the weekends not so long ago.

It was a 3-person operation. The manager would work Monday through Friday. I worked 8-hour days on the weekends.

They were a small business. This was their livelihood.

And they still didn’t demand I care about the job more than they were paying me to.

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“They’re only here for the money.”

Yes — That’s the main contractual agreement of employment. You wouldn’t just give me money for existing in your presence.

That’s what work is about.

“Show me you’re here for more than the money.”

Why? Why isn’t it enough to care about the job you…

We don’t need another recipe app — Unless you cook some really wild shit.

Futuristic Woman looking at corn.
Futuristic Woman looking at corn.

Despite the old adage “People want to work with those they know, like, and trust.”, a personality in the workforce will leave you hungry and unemployed — But you don’t have to be horrendously boring as you play the interview game.

You want to make that To-Do List? Knock yourself out. It’s a good way to learn the basics. Prepare to bore both a recruiter and your peers with our 6-second attention spans.

Consider these instead:


Use common sense. Don’t put legal-but-questionable activities in your portfolio. Also, this is oriented toward entry-to-associate level portfolios. …

I read this in high school. It’s a book that made me want to be involved with network infrastructure.

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This is the Australian cover. Doesn’t it look cool?

It’s very well-researched (though some of the concepts it touches on seem to have died in real life).

Also, terminology is outdated— “computer phones” is repeated.

I won’t be breaking down every section of the entire book.

They sent in sniffing programs to intercept his access code.

The main character, Cadel, is making a dating website.

He goes on hacker forums…and apparently, let them know about his plans.

URL, name, and everything.

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Hellmann’s Canada is helping to stop hunger IRL by taking it virtual;

#HellmannsIsland has come to #ACNH to help turn virtual food waste into real meals. For each spoiled turnip you drop off on our 5-star island, we’ll donate a meal to @SecondHarvestCA to feed people in need. DM us with #HellmannsIsland for your dodo code. Limited spots available.

- Hellmann’s Canada (@HellmannsCanada) August 17, 2020

Why Not Just Donate?

This is not the first time brands have infiltrated the game since its release on March 20th of this year, to a world of unintended shut-ins due to COVID-19.

Valentino put their Pre-Fall…

What does it take for people to enjoy their online, digital experience without getting scammed?

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Hosted by Wizer’s Chris Roberts, featuring Joanna Udo, Gabriel Friedlander, Ryan Cloutier, & Christopher Sant.*

Security is daunting; I think so, and I work here.

How do we get influencers to care, chefs, marketing professionals, anyone who isn’t us? How can we make cybersecurity accessible and not daunting when it affects everybody?

Let’s hit on the big points (the giant headers, and the quotes from the panel follow. Quotes are slightly paraphrased. I’m working on the journalistic integrity to keep it short while not bastardizing the answer.)

Try to connect to the audience. Get them to understand how serious security is without making it big and scary.

FRIEDLANDER: It’s really…

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Capture the Flag is a networking game that will allow you to gain hands-on experience with designing and operating cloud-based solutions with the Cisco Meraki platform.

You think I bought this?

Absolutely not.

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Photo by Fabian Hurnaus from Pexels

I won it at Cisco Live.

Did I feel like a sellout accepting it?


But it’s free technology.

Do I like it?

It doesn’t like the 5 GHz Band on channel 36 either @alexa99

Imagine not being tech savvy and trying to set this up! But they just throw it on their main network and call it a day.

Want a bit of security and this is how we’re penalized 🙃

- Morgan Lucas, technical writer (@runtcpip) June 27, 2020

If you haven’t been able to tell so far, I’m not fond of it.

Just because it was…

Updates near the ends of the post.

I was tinkering in the Router settings of my Xfinity router, looking at the things that could be done. I do admit that I changed some settings (mainly the ones that release the DHCP every day instead of every week).

All this tinkering has somehow bricked my Wi-Fi extender, Netgear WN3000RPv3

  • It can connect to my main router (Xfinity), but Xfinity is no longer passing the data to it.
  • It can be pinged.
  • When I connect to it, I can ping other sites.
  • It loads my Bing splash page and the list of…

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